We work with consumer and OTC companies. Our work involves brand management, new market assessment, market research, marketing/sales/channel strategy, competitor/scenario planning, and brand advocate programs including social media.

  • Developed a marketing strategy for a natural products brand including an assessment of competition, new positioning, product portfolio prioritization and channel development.
  • Worked with an OTC manufacturer to develop a category management strategy for retailers of their product to expand shelf space, product extensions and promotional opportunities.
  • Developed and conduct digital marketing training for brand managers
  • Consumer Strategy for Outpatient Surgery Center: Conducted workshop on consumer engagement opportunities for an outpatient facility focused on orthopedics, GI, OB/GYN, pain, dermatology. Reviewed retail clinics, medical/wellness spas, communicitions campaigns, role of fund raising, and retail leasing in financial and operational plans.
  • Evaluated the impact of establishing retail clinics for a large hospital – including the economic and operational impact on their Emergency Department, their physician group and their marketing program. Worked with the CEO and the Board to co-create the right solution for their patients and community.
  • For a larger US insurance company: Created and researched new consumer strategies for direct sales to individuals