We work with major insurance companies and larger employers seeking to reduce healthcare costs and create changes with employee wellness.   Our work with payers involves creating strategies for new markets such as the smaller or mid-size business

Selected projects that illustrate our work:

  • GIS software created a guide for payers to assist them to select and use GIS software for dual eligible and other program projects
  • Assessing payer options and models for biosimilars (analogous to generic prescription medication)
  • For a larger US insurance company:   Created and researched new consumer strategies for direct sales to individuals
  • Assisted Carrier to identify and assess new models for direct sales to consumers including retail outlets, with acute and wellness services by NPs, home health devices and other retail options.
  • Assessed options to meet new regulations on MTM for Medicare enrollees with novel service through NPs (vs pharmacists).
  • Provided briefings to mid-size employers on the impact of health reform mandates.
  • Worked with mid-size insurance carrier to identify and value the opportunity of small business customers; created strategy to reach specific high value sub-segments, and an online sales and communication plan targeting these customers and insurance agent team that serves them.
  • Worked with large self-insured industrial firm to create health and wellness programs to improve employee health outcomes and lower healthcare costs.
  • Co-developed with a large retailer, a new plan design along with an employee communications program to implement lower cost HDHP plans, improved insured rates and reduce costs; and a strategy and implementation plan to work with providers to standardize and lower costs for higher volume/higher cost procedures.
  • Worked with a major insurance agency firm to create new plan designs for their employer customers that included based and retail clinics.