Our philanthropic and 501c3 clients leverage our business perspective to challenge traditional ways of healthcare delivery and financing.  Our work with The California HealthCare Foundation, The Pew Charitable Trusts, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, PATH, GAVI, Malaria Vaccine Initiative, Washington Dental Service Foundation, NACHC, among others, involves investigative reports, complex financial modeling, and innovation/business assessment, strategy development, and Board-Senior management planning meetings.

The following selected projects provide examples of our work:

  • Pew Charitable Trusts:  Developed an economic model to evaluate the financial impact of new types of allied providers on a dental practice.
  • California HealthCare Foundation:
    • Provided due diligence services for investments; assessed several markets including wound care, OB/GYN imaging, adherence programs, online mental health platforms, surgical imaging, hearing aid/amplification market, among others (ongoing project).
    • For an investor: conducted a market assessment of the wound space including market sizing, technologies, customer needs, workflow, reimbursement and exit strategies.
    • Created a toolset for Implementing EHRs at Independent Physician Practices in conjunction with a team of advisers at CHCF, helped develop the Small Practice eDesign model to help revitalize small medical practices and their patient outcomes. This toolset enables small practices to adopt and meaningfully use EHRs.
    • Created several landscape reports on the emergence and the mainstreaming of retail health care clinics and a set of case studies of Federally Qualified Health Center’s who implemented retail clinics or variation on this model.
    • Created a sustainable business model for a diabetic retinopathy screening service, including a financial model to help determine how to reach sustainability based on different operational strategies.
    • Dental Practice Efficiencies: Created a guide to operating a efficient practice, including creating a strategic plan; achieving and appropriate reimbursement and payer mix; smooth patient flow; optimal staffing patter; business systems; and new technologies.  A podcast audio report augments the guide.  The Good Practice: Treating Underserved Dental Patients While Staying Afloat, August 2008, California HealthCare Foundation.
  • Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation: Worked with The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation executive team to create the groundwork for rapid expansion, worked with their Malaria Vaccine Initiative to develop new funding models, and new approaches to budget management for clinical trials in Africa.
  • The Manhattan Institute: Provided advisory services for the February 2011 publication “Easy Access, Quality Care:  the Role for Retail Clinics in New York.
  • The Washington State Dental Foundation: Created and published investigative report providing data on the financial viability of serving the Medicaid Insured in Washington State.  Interactive financial tools accompany this report.
  • The National Association of Community Health Centers: Developed a guide for FQHC on how to assess the financial, market and legal issues of a retail clinic, and if appropriate how to implement a retail clinic for success.  Financial tools, market research survey templates, slide presentations accompany this report.
  • GAVI- Global Alliance of Vaccines and Immunizations: Facilitated sessions with senior team to review plans and budgets for AVI (accelerated vaccine initiatives) to enable rapid introduction of Rotavirus, Pneumococcal, HiB vaccines in the developing world.
  • PATH: Led a team to develop a global vaccine and immunization strategy for PATH and their major donor, The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation.