Scott & Company, Inc. provides top-tier business consulting to our clients.  Our professionals bring first-class consulting experience, functional and industry expertise, and an objective, pragmatic mindset to every project.  Our teams are selected based on experience; they have a defined project management approach and a set of tools to ensure a fast pace and high quality, they know your industry, and are ready to start on day one.   Our distinctive mindset drives pragmatic solutions based on data, judgment and experience.

We staff projects using a “talent on demand” model; each team is staffed with on-point experts from our network of independent professionals, including experienced consultants from McKinsey & Company, Bain, BCG, Booz-Allen, Deloitte and other leading firms.  Our consultants have a range of backgrounds and experiences.  Some are MDs in several specialties and some have extensive investment banking backgrounds; entrepreneurs, consumer research experts, specialists with reimbursement and FDA processes and many talented analysts and researchers round out our teams to provide cost-effective support to our clients.

Many clients have published our deliverables including presentations and financial models.   We would be pleased to provide you with samples of our work, project plans, and tools that ensure effective and efficient consulting.

If you are a consultant interested in joining our network please contact us and provide us with your background and descriptions of your recent projects and work.