• Brand turnaround  strategy
    Worked with a cross functional US-Global team to create new product strategies, brand direction, digital programs, sales revitalization, and contracting strategies for a cardiovascular brand.
  • Reinventing Pharma Sales
    Worked with a global team to create an iPad digital sales call strategy and deployment of brand/therapeutic area apps and productivity tools to reinvigorate the sales force with new customer engagement.
  • Biosimilar Strategies
    Created strategies for a large pharmaceutical to maximize the value of an oncology biosimilar. Assessed and created pricing and contracting strategies to drive the biosimilars marketplace and maximize the value of the product. Created innovative solutions to compete on non-price value drivers. (Biosimilars are analogous to generics).
  • AMC Patient Digital Strategy
    Created a digital patient engagement strategy including website redesign; use of other platforms; engaged board, senior executives and the digital marketing team.
  • Innovation Leaders
    Created and delivered an Innovation Leadership Program at Safety Net Hospitals and Clinics on how to quickly assess the business potential of innovations by considering economic, care and workflow benefits and costs. This project was led by the Center For Care Innovations and supported by the California Healthcare Foundation
  • Health System Primary Care Strategy
    Worked with NJ system to determine primary care strategy including assessment of clinic, financials, downstream revenues, FQHC options, community partnerships.  Engaged senior team in interviews and workshops.
  • Cardiac device firm advisory services
    assessed the potential of an advisory services business (2012), project concluded with an acquisition in 2013
  • Laboratory Services Strategy
    Facilitated strategic review for a leading laboratory services firm exploring marketplace changes, new initiatives and opportunities to leverage strategic assets.
  • Business Plan for Tele-Dermatology
    Worked closely with the founder, Stanford physician Dr. David Wong to determine overall viability, and to create a business and marketing plan for DirectDermatology.com
  • Oncology: A digital strategy
    Created a digital marketing and sales strategy framework for a specialty oncology firm including case studies of other specialty pharma companies successfully using digital strategies with payer and provider customers.  Framework enabled discussion and resolution of investments, priorities and solutions.