A Management Consulting Firm: Creating Strategies
and Executing Projects for Healthcare Organizations

Health Care Without the Doctor: How New Devices and Technologies Aid Clinicians and Consumers

Posted on Oct 10, 2012 |

Prepared for the California HealthCare Foundation, this report examines the technologies, regulatory trends, and market forces that are reshaping the way many types of health care are delivered, and the impact these shifts are having on consumers, clinicians, and the system. Mary Kate Scott May 2009 Recent decades have seen a remarkable change in the delivery of health care services. Nurse practitioners now have much greater prescribing...

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The Future of Medicine: Implications for HealthCare Delivery – Technology Innovations

Posted on Sep 1, 2011 |

Technologies are NOT the only force for change: Shortage of physicians and nurses;  Medicare changes; New insurance products; Generation Y physicians and consumers; Consumers pay more out of pocket and adopt a DIY attitude to healthcare. Born 1980-1995: “A civic generation, inner driven within the information revolution, striving to get ahead, belief they can and will change the world.” Agenda: Technologies that shift care settings;...

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